Thursday, February 02, 2006


"...Whoever said, “You cannot pick your family” was a pimp for institutionalization. You can pick your family, just as you can reject them. Here is the deal, that little thing about blood being thicker than water is a crock of shit. If your biological brother, mother, sister, brother, daughter, son, cousin, or whoever is trying to feed you a bottle of poison, they are not worthy to be in your life. Unless of course you have a wicked and mean heart, and if that is the case, you are probably filling and offering glasses of poison yourself..."


Friday, January 06, 2006

by the way

And his solution: (I guess it's called writer's block...)

or not.

"Weekend Assignment #93: Suggest A Weekend Assignment! Hey, look! I've got an idea! And the idea is to get you all to do my work for me!" ~johnmscalzi

Thursday, January 05, 2006

by the way

"...Basically, while I do a lot of smaller things with this job, the big overall job here is to be useful for you guys. The more useful I am to you, the more fun this whole blogging thing can be for the whole lot of us -- and (he said, leaning in conspiratorially) the less excuse AOL will have to can my lazy butt. I like this job. I'd like to keep it. That means I have to at least look busy. ..."

~ johnmscalzi

Saturday, December 31, 2005

slack back mack - the log

"...And amember as you dance until dawn

that WE have a whole 'nother Year 2 right the werld."


Sunday, December 04, 2005

ayn's multiple world

"...It’s nice at Blogspot. I believe they serve tea. More seriously, we can appreciate ourselves because we dared to care for our passions of lives expressed and acted upon."


Saturday, November 26, 2005

I guess I'm dreaming

"...My father gave me the best gift in the world. The most precious thing he could have given me.

His life..."


pin pal cafe

"...So, welcome to the Pin Pal Cafe, named in honor of the Rant-O-Rama Diner's fun loving mascot Pokey...he wants you to know he's mad as hell and has been sharpening his pins..."


Gabreael's Body, Mind, & Spirit

"...A writer is an actor who simply uses their mind as their stage. People writing should be to the soul what breathing is..."



"...11. Does this picture of Colin Firth make you want to lick him, as it does me? "


(flora note: um..)

random stuff

"Yes, it's true I'm a pathological obsever. I flit along the perimeters of everday interactions with people without actually participating fully. There was a time I thought this was because I wasn't a people person. I've since learned that I'm not a stupid people person but everyone else is okay. Well, not perky people, I don't do perky people well either but I've learned to tolerate them more. Then I thought I was apathetic and I've learned that isn't accurate either, actually, it's the opposite. Yet knowing this I still sit on the edge, dipping a toe in every now and then...."


my meandering muse

" O
Tuts tomb
Doth reveal
Thy mysterious
Castle erected for a
Golden crowned King
Entombedwith goblets of
Elixers wine and enormous
Purple succulence green and dark
Magenta Grapes surrounded by ripe
Cheese Seen now in repose as He reclines..."


(hey, anyone who can use the word succulence in a sentence - let alone a poem... :-))

a crazy quilt life

"...I've been so neurotic lately that I haven't really taken time just to be thankful, and I need to do that. It creates sanity..."


robbie's ruminations

"I think that happiness is within every single person's reach..."


(flora note: I think you all should read the rest...)

the peach pagesII

"..Anxious to see what their children were up to, they quickly hurried through the house and she opened the front door first.

There, standing in front of her was her son. She was speechless.

She gestured to his father to come outside and when he did, he too was too stunned for words.

They had indeed brought them a gift.

My brother flew home today to see our parents.

Now they know officially that their boy is home..."


The Woes and Prose of an American Idol Junkie

"..But I will dust the corners and get rid of the cobwebs, for it may be my new home. Maybe a coat of paint is in order. And visitors."


detached and indifferent expressions

"..So this is a call to you. To all who want to join the darkside. You've seen what we do when we revel in it. It's fun, and we need fun. We need it badly. I'm tired of writing about AOL and ads, it's starting to really beat me down. So let's get crackin' people.

Who's with me?!.."

~the dark lord omz.

Patrick's Place

"..There seems to be a widespread assumption that anyone who is leaving AOL, even temporarily, has reached this decision easily. Where did that come from?.."


judith HeartSong

"...What needs to be said at this point is that it does not matter who hosts our blogs. It does not matter. We are one community, one ship of souls that came together in the writing and sharing to build something very special in this vast space on the internet. Our connections need never suffer because of where we write."


un-common sense

"..Stand back and salute. The Bullshit Flag riseth."


you do know...don't you -

that clicking the title of the entries will take you back to the original author...

yah. just thought I would remind you all.

carry on...

to grow is to be anxious - exiled version


Death is that which hovers

wherever people are.

That knowledge of our finiteness,

that makes us human

and produces our neuroses,

is also what drives us to write,

and all our attempts

at immortality.


Sunday, November 20, 2005


"The thing I (we) need to remember is, we are part of an incredible community - with or without AOL Journals."

~freeepeace/trish monaco

Why? Because the succulence continues.

That puppywalker, peaceloving, livingroom-rockstar, Freee...reminded me that the tidbits of juicy nuggets should continue.

and dagnabbit - I couldn't agree more.

so welcome all -

and give me a hand will ya - and send me links to the nuggets of wisdom as you stumble over them.

because, unlike Vince, I am not omnipresent.

(but I do try.)

Pulling back the royal polka dots drapes, come now -

sliding you an frosty cold ale -

...step up to the bar and let's hear what people are saying...